Christmas Cookie Preview

I decided to test new recipes for my “Christmas Cookie Day Marathon”. (There’ll be lots more about this annual event in upcoming posts). As if I don’t already have enough cookie books and holiday baking magazines, I went ahead and purchased the Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publications “Christmas Cookies”.


Lots of different recipes! The section that really caught my eye was the one on whoopie pies…Classic Whoopie pies, Mini raspberry and white chocolate Whoopie pies, Red Velvet Whoopie pies with peppermint filling, and many more!  Did I make the whoopie pies?  No.  I tried these instead:



These are so buttery and flavorful. The recipe calls for dipping them in melted white chocolate, but I substituted an almond-flavored confectioner’s glaze. As yummy as they are, I doubt they’ll be on my Christmas Cookie tray. They’re a bit big and, quite honestly, they look more like Pop Tarts to me. My second effort:


Cranberry-Almond Wedges

This cookie came from a section called “It all started with a mix.” The cookie base is made with Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix. I felt like I was “cheating”, but the end result was a delicious cookie! The crunchy almonds, chewy cranberries and buttery shortbread are a great combo. I’m not sure if this cookie will make it to “the tray”, but it would make an excellent “cookie swap” treat.

The magazine is certainly worth the price of admission ($5.99), with 128 recipes, tempting photos, and some great packaging ideas!

Next up:  Whoopie!!


6 thoughts on “Christmas Cookie Preview

  1. just picked up another BHG cokie magazine –“ultimate cookies” –also didn’t need it especially when they direct you to a (free) website for more recipes. Anyway, wanna share?

  2. Ann,
    BOTH of those cookies were delicious but I especially loved the raspberry sticks. I love that almond icing too, it puts the cookie “over the top” in my book. (Thank you so much for the plate of cookies) And no, they don’t look like poptarts! I’ll have to get that recipe from you…are they hard to make?

    • I’m really glad that you enjoyed the cookies, Carol! The raspberry sticks are not hard to make, just a little fussy. You have to roll the dough, spread the jam on half, fold it over, bake it in a loaf, remove from oven, let cool, slice, return to oven, cool and frost. Two “loaves” yield about 36 cookies. I’d be happy to share the magazine!! Thanks for your comment :o)

  3. I am attending a ladies’ cookie swap this week and just knew I had to come to the source for all things baking related. Now if only I knew what WAS going on your tray this year. I’ll check back soon!


    • You don’t have much time, so here are some of the hits that always make it to the tray: 1) Spritz. 2) Chocolate almond macaroons. 3) Cappucino crinkles. 4) Italian iced cookies. 5) Coconut Biscotti. 6) Soft ginger cookies. 7) Raspberry thumbprints. 8) Snowflake cut-outs. 9) Mexican Tea Cakes (snowballs). 10) Raspberry White Chocolate Bars. They all produce a good yield, but the almond macaroons require almond paste and, depending on how many you need, this can be costly. Let me know if any of these sound interesting, and I’ll get you the recipe!

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