Super-Easy Brownie Pops

I’m going to a picnic today, and I’ve heard there will be LOTS of kids there.  Since I volunteered to bring a dessert, I thought “brownie pops” would be a great choice…easy to transport, not too messy, and easy to eat!

I really do have a treasured brownie recipe that I make from scratch, but I didn’t use it this time.  Good ole Betty Crocker family size brownie mix (2 boxes) made all these pops.  I simply followed these directions, and ta dah!  I used Mercken’s white candy melts for the coating (it was what I had on hand) and, thankfully, I had a boatload of sprinkles for decorating.  (It’s all about the sprinkles ;-)

I think they score 100 on the cute scale but, since I haven’t tasted them, I’ll have to rely on the kids’ reactions when they (hopefully) munch ’em right up!!

Gotta go……’s time to head on out!  Have a glorious day!


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