Christmas Cutout Cookies – Ornaments & Trees

Little a and I enjoyed our marathon holiday baking weekend, and there’s so much to share.  Instead of snowflakes this year, we chose to decorate ornaments and trees:

The basic sugar cookie and royal icing recipes came from Sweet Sugarbelle.  I just love her blog and her cookies inspire me to keep trying, although I am completely aware that my cookies will never look as incredible as hers.  And, that’s okay with me.  I’m totally happy just baking and decorating, whatever the results.

That said, I really do love this year’s cutouts!!  Little a and I had way too much fun (and spent way too much time) transforming simple cookies into our own little works of art.  The table was bursting with royal icing, sparkling sugar, sprinkles, doo-dads and, of course, my (ahem) personal favorite…DISCO DUST.

We made lots of other cookies that I will share soon, and…we had a very special guest baker this year!  I won’t keep you in suspense long.  Promise.


11 thoughts on “Christmas Cutout Cookies – Ornaments & Trees

    • Hey Christine! Hope you are doing well. My husband’s comment was, “it’s a shame that people will eat them”, to which I replied “it will be a bigger shame if they DON”T” ;-) Take care and happy holidays!

    • I couldn’t agree more. And the dough is easy to work with. It seems the trick is to not over-bake them. I’m ready to mix up another batch “just because”. Who needs an occasion?? Let me know when you give them a go!


    • I agree. Sugarbelle’s sugar cookie is my newest all-time favorite. The dough is so easy to work with, you don’t have to refrigerate before rolling, and I love the soft texture. I used 1 tsp. almond extract and 1 tsp. vanilla…a great combo!

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