Matryoshka: A new obsession?

I recently purchased a sweet little book called Fa la la la Felt which has the most adorable patterns for handmade holiday decorations…45 to be exact.  A sewing machine is optional, and the majority of the projects require just snippets of felt.  I found these Matryoshka ornaments to be totally irresistible, and I couldn’t wait to get stitching!  At approx. 3″ (without the hanger) they’re easy enough to make and each took about 90 minutes…or 1 1/2 episodes of America’s Got Talent.

As I glanced around my home, I couldn’t help but notice:

these VERY cute glasses that I purchased at Homegoods…and

nesting doll measuring cups!  Can you believe it?  They measure 1/3 cup, 2/3 cup and 1 cup…not that I can ever see me ACTUALLY using them.  And what about these?

The matching measuring spoons!  So so cute.

And this is usually the way my (ahem) obsessions collections begin.  There are cookies to make…fabrics to purchase…authentic Russian nesting dolls….

Trouble awaits.


4 thoughts on “Matryoshka: A new obsession?

  1. How totally adorable and PERFECTLY crafted ( as always). I love the colors!
    Can’t wait to see them on your tree!!!!!!!!

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