Cowboy Cute: Baby Quilt and Hat


I just love this collection of Michael Miller Lil’ Cowpokes fabric, and I welcomed the opportunity to turn it into a quilt for a special little boy who will be born in early July.

This simple pattern is found in Even More Quilts for Baby,  and it works up f-a-s-t.  I thought it was the perfect choice to feature the fun, kiddie-cowboy print and the adorable coordinates…little horseshoes on red and tiny paisleys on blue:


The back of the quilt is a solid, navy, Kona cotton, and I used Warm & White cotton crib batting in between.  I machine quilted it in a freehand, stipple pattern with invisible thread (which caused me more than a bit of grief because I kept losing my place and the thread kept breaking.  Next time, no invisible thread.)

Next…every cowboy dude, big and small, needs:


a COWBOY HAT!!  And, where else, but Ravelry, could I find the cutest pattern for this one?  The easy-to-follow pattern is called “Cowboy Hat and Boots” and is available for purchase from The Lovely Crow.

I can’t wait to meet the new, little buckaroo!


2 thoughts on “Cowboy Cute: Baby Quilt and Hat

  1. I love your cowboy quilt, can you please tell me what size blocks you used?? I’d love to make one for a friend who is doing a cowboy theme for her son who’s due any day!!

    • I believe the finished blocks were approximately 9″ each, and the finished quilt was approximately 36″ x 36″ (maybe slightly larger with the 1/2″ binding). It goes so quickly that I’m sure you can complete it before you see the baby. Best wishes to mom and and her little boy…they are fortunate to have you as a friend ;-)


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