About Us

Big A

Simply put, I love working with my hands.  I derive great pleasure and deep satisfaction from creating handmade gifts and sharing my passion with others.  Through the years, I have found many outlets through which to express my creativity and fill my soul….(maybe too many).  As I tend to be a bit obsessive when I get excited about something new, I find myself with a comprehensive library of how-to books and patterns, tubs of fabric that I have run out of places to hide, and enough yarn to keep the next two generations of seniors busy at their centers.

My style is relatively traditional.  I grew up with June Cleaver as a role model, so I strive to make things look perfect, but I don’t do housework in pearls and high heels.  My favorite color is pink, I love things that sparkle, and I have been accused of being a “more is more” kind of girl…(so what’s wrong with that?).  In real life, I am a wife of 34-years and mother of three grown-and-gone children; two sons and one little a.  I own and operate a licensed family daycare home which fills my day and my heart, and gives me enough material to create a whole ‘nother blog.

I am thankful for the “gift” that I have been given; one that I am certain was passed on to me both maternally and paternally.  But I am ever more so thankful to share this passion with my lovely and wildly creative daughter, Alyssa, who has her own unique style and takes this gift to another level.  As you will see through projects that we share,  the apple may not fall far from the tree, but it can certainly roll far off in its own direction.

little a

Yeah, let’s talk about “gifts passed on”… My mother may call it “passion,” but trust me – it’s more than passion… it’s obsession, and it borders on mania. It’s an obsession that keeps my brooklyn-sized apartment overflowing with fabric, books, and unfinished projects. It’s like it’s not enough to just collect techniques and traditions, we have to collect everything associated with them. Like, I have only knit maybe 5 things in my life, yet somehow I have 30 pairs of knitting needles… I get into the history of the craft, the stories of the people who craft, the regional differences… it just goes on until I eventually get distracted by something shiny, and move on to obsess over something else.

I can obsess over a lot of things, but mostly these are things that fall into the category: “things old ladies do.” Except I do things a little more rock and roll. I grew up with Daria as a role model… Also unlike Mom, I never look to a pattern or a recipe (she doesn’t have to, she just thinks she does…). I like to wing it and see what happens. Sometimes things turn out to be a complete mess, and sometimes they turn out better than I  could have ever expected. I just try never to take anything too seriously and, except for mistakes, I never make the same thing twice.

I’m a big nerd. I like math and science. I like the history of fashion and textiles. I like playing and listening to music. I like my Mom (my Dad and my brothers, too!). I like my friends and the things they do. And I like having this opportunity to share all of that.

So, this is our attempt at finding a creative outlet for the obsessive nature. Before a blog, all it’s really gotten us is a closet full of one-off items someone probably told us “oh you should make those and sell them!” (and we didn’t…) and out of having to pick things off of those awful gift registries at Pottery Barn or Babys R Us. This is our little closet on the internet, with which we will fill the many pictures of ‘what we’re making today’ and links to ‘everything associated with it’. And, of course, it’s something new for us to obsess about. :O)