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Apple, Almond, & Dried Cherry Chicken Salad Sandwich

I love apples (maybe because they begin with “a”?), and I love baked apple delights — apple pie, apple crisp, apple turnovers… But my roommates recently turned “macro” on me (macrobiotic… it means they now only eat kale, seaweed, and things with weird names), and I feel bad filling the kitchen with the beautiful aroma […]

Big Brunch Party, Part IV: The Six Foot Chicken Banh Mi Party Sub

There was no question that my other Six Foot Long Party Sub for the Big Brunch Party would be a Banh Mi. I’m hooked on Banh Mi. What is Banh Mi, you ask? Well, it’s like the delicious bastard sandwich child of a snooty but charming French colonist and a beautiful back-alley Vietnamese call girl. It’s […]

Big Brunch Party, Part III: The Six Foot Croque-Monsieur Party Sub

I set out to make a Croque-Monsieur for the Big Brunch Party that would make Parisian-Sidewalk-Cafe-Goers and Super-Bowl-Party-Goers alike drool with sandwich anticipation. What’s better at a big party than a Six Foot Party Sub from a deli? A gourmet Six Foot Party Sub from your own kitchen, of course!