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Corey’s Pecan Pie

Our happy houseguest, Corey, turned 22 the other day!  Of course I would bake him his favorite cake, but Corey had a different idea.  What’s his favorite cake??  Uh…uh…uh….Do you like cake??…uh…uh…uh….. Okay, then.  After a brief, but productive, interrogation, Corey confessed that pecan pie is one of his two all-time favorite desserts (the other […]

“Aa” is for Apple

This past Saturday was a super special day!  Our family declared it “Autumn Harvest Day” and moms, dads, aunts, uncles, and cousins gathered  for a day of apple-pickin’, pie-baking, and harvest-feasting.  The weather was fabulous as we headed toward March Farm in the “beautiful, rolling hills of Bethlehem, CT”, where we found orchards abundant with […]

It’s the berries!

I went blueberry picking (for the very first time!) a couple of weeks ago with my friends, Carol and Lisa.  We visited the Evergreen Berry Farm in the beautiful Litchfield Hills of Connecticut, on a hot and sunny afternoon.  We hung the clear pails around our necks, toted the buckets they provided and headed off […]