Corey’s Pecan Pie

Our happy houseguest, Corey, turned 22 the other day!  Of course I would bake him his favorite cake, but Corey had a different idea.  What’s his favorite cake??  Uh…uh…uh….Do you like cake??…uh…uh…uh….. Okay, then.  After a brief, but productive, interrogation, Corey confessed that pecan pie is one of his two all-time favorite desserts (the other … Continue reading

Annual Christmas Cookie-Baking Marathon

Winter Storm Albert may have forced us to modify our tradition, but it couldn’t stop the production of some impressive holiday cookies!  Traditionally, we gather at my sister-in-law Linda’s house for an annual 12-hour cookie-baking event.  I bring along my KitchenAid, baking pans, recipes, ingredients and enthusiasm and, together, we crank out hundreds of delectable … Continue reading