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Heritage Bundt Cake

This post has less to do about this scrumptious yellow cake, and more to do about the newest addition to my bundt pan collection.  I am completely and totally in love with this Nordic Ware Heritage Bundt Pan: It was love at first sight…however, I gazed at it with utmost caution.  Wouldn’t it be tough […]

Sweet Memories: A trip to Chocolate World

I spent this past weekend in Hershey, PA, attending the 2012 Season NHRA Northeast Division Awards Banquet, where my brother received the 1st Place trophy in the Top Sportsman category.  Wooohooo, Tony!! Of course, no trip to Hershey is complete without a visit to Chocolate World, where chocolate heaven awaits.  UN-believable.  I never fancied myself […]

Chocolate Glazed Cream Puffs

Ahhhhhhhh, cream puffs.  So cool, creamy and delicious.  My mom made them for years, without the chocolate glaze, but I think the glaze turns them into a Boston Cream Pie/donut-sort-of delight.  It’s a 3-step process, but they are not terribly difficult to make. Here’s the basic puff pastry recipe: 1 cup water 1/2 cup (one […]