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Valentine’s Blondies

I just love all of the holiday colors that M&M’s puts together, and who could resist this pink, white, and red Valentine’s combo?  Obviously, not me.  Since blondies don’t seem to get nearly as much press as brownies, I thought I’d give them a shout-out and top them with all that pretty candy. I used […]

Crocheted Paper Heart Garland (and tutorial)

Valentine’s Day will be here in a few weeks, and I am eager to “show the love” by displaying my new crocheted paper heart garland.  It was a fun project and easy to make!  I simply traced hearts onto pretty card stock papers, punched small holes around the edges, and crocheted a decorative border.  Not […]

Sweet Memories: A trip to Chocolate World

I spent this past weekend in Hershey, PA, attending the 2012 Season NHRA Northeast Division Awards Banquet, where my brother received the 1st Place trophy in the Top Sportsman category.  Wooohooo, Tony!! Of course, no trip to Hershey is complete without a visit to Chocolate World, where chocolate heaven awaits.  UN-believable.  I never fancied myself […]

Minty Hearts and Chocolate Coconut Bites

I have been looking for a real good reason to make peppermint patties again, and what better opportunity than Valentine’s Day.  These patties are the perfect combination of oh-so-minty and deliciously-creamy, and I couldn’t resist turning them into a sweet Valentine’s treat.  After I formed and pressed the prepared patty, I cut them with a […]

Neapolitan Bundt Cake

This cake tastes as good as it looks!  It starts with a white cake mix which is separated into three parts.  The white layer is poured first into a bundt pan, the strawberry and chocolate layers follow, and voila.  Pretty and delicious! The recipe is on allrecipes but, after reading the reviews, I made the […]

Valentine’s Day – Crochet Heart Garland

I am so ready for a little pink and red around the house!  Winter white has been pounding us, so I thought I’d break out the pink cotton yarns and do something fun.  I found the idea and inspiration for this heart garland here but, since I’m a more-is-more kinda girl, I just had to […]

Valentine’s Cookies – Lovin’ from the Oven

I thought that Valentine’s Day would be the perfect time to say “thanks” to those special people who, without always knowing it, make some days a little brighter through their caring and kindness.  I’m thinking about the school bus driver who patiently waits for my daycare kindergartener as he makes an urgent trip to the […]