Martha Stewart’s Heart-Shaped Pot Holders

I just LOVE this sweet pot holder pattern from Martha Stewart!  I found the directions in the Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts, but she also has it posted on her website.  The two top pieces actually form a pocket for you to slip your hand into so you can bend it in half to grip a hot casserole, and there are two layers of heat-resistant batting inside.  The edges are neatly bound in bias tape (not my favorite thing to sew), which adds such colorful contrast:

Once I got started, I really couldn’t stop:

No….really –

Now do you believe me?

What to do with them???  I’m thinking they’ll be the perfect Valentine’s “thank-you” to those special people who warm my heart with the gift of their friendship, and brighten my days with their continuing kindness, caring, generosity and laughter.

I may need to stitch a few more!


3 thoughts on “Martha Stewart’s Heart-Shaped Pot Holders

  1. LOVING that I am the recipient of one of these pretty pot holders…it’s hanging in my kitchen next to the oven. Thank you Ann!!

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