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Colorful Hanging Dishtowels

I saw these on Pinterest and thought it was a great way to use-up some fabric and create something useful.  I found the tutorial at Kleio’s Belly, and I bought the dishcloths at Marshall’s.  Basically, you cut the dishcloth in half, fold the raw-edge pleats across so that the top width measures 6″, and then […]

Pillow Talk

I’m in a home-dec state of mind. The “blah” in my family room was bringing me down and, with spring everywhere, I needed to do something fast.  Armed with my treasured coupons, I headed to JoAnn’s  hoping to find a fabric solution.  The result: bright and colorful pillows that turned my blah into happy! These […]

Not Sew Good

This was the cutest pattern I’d seen in a long time.  And, lucky me, it was the last one in the file cabinet at JoAnn’s!  I love it when that happens…it makes me feel like I am really on to something, and “too bad, so sad” for the next person looking for that pattern.  (A […]

She needs wide open spaces

My niece, Diane. has had a true love for horses since the age of 5, when she enjoyed her first pony ride.   Throughout the years, she has taken endless riding lessons, mucked many stalls, and done just about anything she could to remain close and helpful to these beautiful animals. One year, for Christmas, I […]

Butterfly Release

Several years ago, I watched Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson on HGTV and fell in love with a butterfly quilt designed by Beverly Dunivent.  As I am a huge fan of 30’s prints, I had a great selection in my stash (still do), and all I needed to get started was some background fabric.  I […]

Sweet Charity

There are people out there that think there is absolutely no money in crafting. Ha! Laughable! Look at this — I made a picnic blanket, and I donated it to my friend’s ‘new music’ ensemble to auction off at a fundraiser they had, and I get to write it off on my taxes this year […]