Several years ago, I watched Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson on HGTV and fell in love with a butterfly quilt designed by Beverly Dunivent.  As I am a huge fan of 30’s prints, I had a great selection in my stash (still do), and all I needed to get started was some background fabric.  I traced, cut, and hand-appliqued each butterfly (42 times).  I completed the blocks, sewed them together, and machine stitched the wing detail (42 times).  I began to machine stitch the antenna detail (3 times) when, without warning, fatigue and boredom struck.  I not-so-gently folded the quilt top (1 time) and shoved it into a Macy’s bag.

Well, I was looking through my craft closet recently and guess what I found?  I opened the Macy’s bag and (oooooooh, how pretty!)  discovered this lively, colorful and beautifully stitched quilt top.  (it’s true.  absence makes the heart grow fonder.)  I very carefully unfolded it and wondered why in the world it wasn’t finished!  I was now eager to get it done and I became determined to give the remaining butterflies their crowning glory.  (Until I sat down at the sewing machine.)  Three of the lucky butterflies still have embroidered antenna; the other thirty-nine had to settle for ones drawn free-hand with a fabric marker.  (better than back-to-the- Macy’s bag, right??)





Next steps:  1) Add batting and backing.  2) Machine quilt.  3) Bind.

We’ll see.