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Mother’s Day – Our 2nd Anniversary

Last Sunday, little a and I spent a glorious day at the Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market in New Milford, Ct., celebrating the second anniversary of Big A, Little A!  This flea market is huge and chock-full of vendors with antiques, collectibles, plants, flowers, foods, etc., and last week it was totally bursting with shoppers.  A […]

“Mustache Pins are THE Stocking Stuffer of the Year”

I had tons of fun at the booth Kait and I shared at Artists & Fleas yesterday! When the lights stayed on, our display and our stuff looked pretty great. When they went out… well, we were in the back corner, so you couldn’t see anything… Kait’s Dad took some pro pics, but here are […]

Artists and Fleas Preview

The underpants gnomes have it right. Phase one: collect underpants. Phase three: profit. They never say it, but I’m pretty sure Phase 2 involves a lot of trial and error and wasted denim. Phase 2 also involves lots of sub-phases. And as I move from the design sub-phase to the production sub-phase, I’m sharing a […]

December 12: Artists & Fleas

Just confirmed! My crafty friend Kait and I will be selling some wares at the Artists & Fleas indoor craft market in sunny Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Saturday, December 12. More soon with a preview of what we’ll have available, but for now, all you need to know is this: hearts, mustaches, plaid flannel, and cheeseburgers. […]