I had tons of fun at the booth Kait and I shared at Artists & Fleas yesterday! When the lights stayed on, our display and our stuff looked pretty great. When they went out… well, we were in the back corner, so you couldn’t see anything… Kait’s Dad took some pro pics, but here are a few I snapped with the iPhone.

So, we literally used furniture and things from our my apartment to dress up the space. I brought some tins that I keep sewing supplies in to hold merchandise and my picture of a classy chap with a great handlebar mustache (you know, just to keep the table looking classy). From the top left, going clockwise above, you have: Hipster Pins 3 Ways, Crocheted Birds (thanks, Big A!), iPhone cozies, really cute Owl ornaments that Kait made, Kait’s Pot Holder sets, and my Pillow Huggers Pillowcases (shown is a set – both have the girl on one side, the heart on the other, and her arms reaching all the way around on the hem).

I was really pushing the Hipster Pins. There’s the Mustache, the Cheeseburger, and My Cold Black Heart.

And I kept telling people that the Mustache Pin was THE stocking stuffer of the year. I think I declared it so much, that it just might become true (come on, The Secret!). Get your hands on them now, people! Stuff those sequined stocking with something awesome. They went over pretty well amongst both mustached and non-mustached shoppers.

Kait’s aprons also got a lot of attention. People loved her fabrics, and the kids aprons I think might have inspired shoppers to do a little baby-making… They’re just so cute, you want a kid to put in one. And above those, I embroidered some new drawings from Kendra into pieces of wall art.

I’ll be putting what didn’t sell at the market onto Etsy. And hopefully, it won’t land me a spot on Regretsy… PS : Did you see she got a book deal already???

Dear Whoever Goes Around Reading Blogs Giving Out Book Deals,

… Hi!


Big A and Little A

Anyway, I hope to do Artists and Fleas again soon, and I hope people bring more Mermen to sell.


0 thoughts on ““Mustache Pins are THE Stocking Stuffer of the Year”

  1. E. says:

    Dear little a.,

    I am running right over to Etsy, since your “stuff” won’t be there for too long. Always remember, the “Life is Good” folks started out in quite the same way. ( Go Secret. This would not surprise me one little mustached-stitched pin.
    Can’t wait to share some cookie dough with you little a. Your hands are golden just like Big A’s. See you Sat.

    Love, Aunt E.