Annual Thanksgiving Craft III: Honeycomb Ornaments

In keeping with our cherished family tradition, after a dinner of turkey and yummy trimmings, we gathered ’round the table for our annual holiday craft.  This year, I planned an easy version of the popular, old-fashioned, honeycomb paper ornaments.  With pre-cut 4″ squares of holiday scrapbook paper in hand, each person began the process of […]

Matryoshka: A new obsession?

I recently purchased a sweet little book called Fa la la la Felt which has the most adorable patterns for handmade holiday decorations…45 to be exact.  A sewing machine is optional, and the majority of the projects require just snippets of felt.  I found these Matryoshka ornaments to be totally irresistible, and I couldn’t wait […]

Finish What You Started (my New Year’s Resolution)

I’m not big on making New Year’s resolutions because I have an embarrassing history of not sticking to them.  The ones that I’ve made in the past were always centered around:  1) house-cleaning and organization, 2) avoiding any foods that contain sugar (o-kay), and 3) exercising until I look like Jillian Michaels.  Within a week, […]

Annual Thanksgiving Craft II – The Felt Cupcake

After our tummies are stuffed with turkey and trimmings, we all gather ’round for our annual Thanksgiving craft, which I’m responsible for planning and executing. This year, I decided to challenge the gang with a little hand-sewing.  Nothing fancy, just a little up-and-down running stitch.  Okay, okay.  As a back up, I had the hot […]

Keep the Change

As a young girl, I was always fascinated when my dear, Italian grandma would fumble through her huge pocketbook and pull out her little leather change purse.  It had to weigh 2 lbs. and was stuffed with quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies.  As we walked along the city streets, we’d always stop at the “candy […]

Basket o’ Bunnies

Besides pink Peeps, the things I love most about the Easter season are the promise of warmer breezes, the budding magnolia trees, and the tulip and daffodil pips that peek through the grass.  Spring is my favorite season and Easter, for me, signals the official kick-off! I recently received, as a very special gift, this […]

Granny Square Blanket for Baby

I’ve decided to attack my enormous stash and turn some of that yarn into something useful! First up, I found an assortment of Patons Astra, a DK weight, 100% acrylic yarn, that I thought would make a sweet little baby blanket.  The pattern for this classic granny square is everywhere, and it’s fun to explore […]

Valentine’s Day – Kid’s Craft

No.  These are not cookies :0)  They are actually Valentine’s heart pins that I helped the children create as a cute little gift for their moms. I purchased unfinished wooden hearts and applied a quick coat of platinum-colored spray paint, which took about 30 minutes to dry. I bought these Self-stick Gems, made by Darice, […]

Valentine’s Day – Crochet Heart Garland

I am so ready for a little pink and red around the house!  Winter white has been pounding us, so I thought I’d break out the pink cotton yarns and do something fun.  I found the idea and inspiration for this heart garland here but, since I’m a more-is-more kinda girl, I just had to […]