I’m not big on making New Year’s resolutions because I have an embarrassing history of not sticking to them.  The ones that I’ve made in the past were always centered around:  1) house-cleaning and organization, 2) avoiding any foods that contain sugar (o-kay), and 3) exercising until I look like Jillian Michaels.  Within a week, these promises were (you guessed it) “gone like a freight train”…

So, I never intended to make a 2012 New Year’s resolution until I started digging through my craft closet where I found this Bucilla felt wall hanging that I had started way too many years ago! (way, way too many).

I have NO idea why I never finished it.  (not entirely true since I’m well aware of my short attention span)  The applique, embroidery and embellishments were all carefully stitched…I only needed to attach the top tabs and backing.  That’s it!!  Even though Christmas is 355 days away, I rescued this project from the closet and finished it.  Done.

I confess that there are several other projects in that closet…just like this one.  Sitting there, waiting, calling my name.  Loudly.  Hence, my new resolution to FINISH WHAT I STARTED and USE-UP supplies that I already have.  Yep, stay out of the craft stores, attack my stash and finish those UFO’s*.

New year, new resolution, new attitude.  Just hope that it’s not the same old me.


VIP Note:  Since I wrote this AFTER making a purchase at JoAnn’s today, this resolution takes effect tomorrow.

*UFO:  “Un-Finished Object”.  Another Ravelry term 😉

0 thoughts on “Finish What You Started (my New Year’s Resolution)

  1. Teresa says:

    Great timing… this afternoon I unpacked a box of quilt tops just waiting … Hope my project turns out half as cute as yours.
    3,000 miles away and you still inspire me.

  2. Ann says:

    Ahhhhh, quilt tops. Have a few of those “in waiting” too! (remember the butterflies?) Here’s to optimism.

    I miss you!

  3. Lisa says:

    I actually have this one that my Mom made. It was given to me some years ago and I make sure it makes the “put out” Christmas decorations every year. My sister and I teasingly argue over the “TOYS” Bucilla about who is going to get it. We love them and they are a special reminder of our childhood Christmas’ in our home.

    • Ann says:

      Your mom was MUCH better about finishing it sooner. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to know how much it means to you. (there’s no better gift than heartfelt appreciation)