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Matryoshka: A new obsession?

I recently purchased a sweet little book called Fa la la la Felt which has the most adorable patterns for handmade holiday decorations…45 to be exact.  A sewing machine is optional, and the majority of the projects require just snippets of felt.  I found these Matryoshka ornaments to be totally irresistible, and I couldn’t wait […]

Finish What You Started (my New Year’s Resolution)

I’m not big on making New Year’s resolutions because I have an embarrassing history of not sticking to them.  The ones that I’ve made in the past were always centered around:  1) house-cleaning and organization, 2) avoiding any foods that contain sugar (o-kay), and 3) exercising until I look like Jillian Michaels.  Within a week, […]

Annual Thanksgiving Craft II – The Felt Cupcake

After our tummies are stuffed with turkey and trimmings, we all gather ’round for our annual Thanksgiving craft, which I’m responsible for planning and executing. This year, I decided to challenge the gang with a little hand-sewing.  Nothing fancy, just a little up-and-down running stitch.  Okay, okay.  As a back up, I had the hot […]

Annual Thanksgiving Christmas Craft

A bunch of years ago, I brought along a holiday craft to my mom’s on Thanksgiving Day, and a new tradition was born.   I had no idea how much my family would enjoy a bit of crafting, but they really got into it, and had lots of fun with it!  Year after year, we […]