After our tummies are stuffed with turkey and trimmings, we all gather ’round for our annual Thanksgiving craft, which I’m responsible for planning and executing.

This year, I decided to challenge the gang with a little hand-sewing.  Nothing fancy, just a little up-and-down running stitch.  Okay, okay.  As a back up, I had the hot glue gun on fire and ready to go.  I gave them each two cardboard templates; one of the cupcake bottom and one of the frosting, which they had to trace onto a piece of felt or polar fleece and cut out two of each.  Next step was to stitch one frosting to one bottom, and repeat.  Then, the real fun began…decorating the cupcake!  Here’s where the creativity kicked in and they couldn’t wait to sprinkle on pom-poms, bells, sequins, lace, pearls and rick-rack.  After the two halves were completed, they stitched and stuffed their cupcakes and looped a hanger at the top.  Done.

I love seeing the finished collection, but not as much as I love the feeling of joy that I get as I watch everyone eagerly participate, young and old, in creating their one-of-a-kind craft.  The proud smiles on their faces are heartwarming, and remind me how truly thankful I am to have a loving family.


0 thoughts on “Annual Thanksgiving Craft II – The Felt Cupcake

  1. Teresa says:

    Looks like it was a lot of fun. I’m sure they are just as thankful to have such a loving, giving person in their lives.