A bunch of years ago, I brought along a holiday craft to my mom’s on Thanksgiving Day, and a new tradition was born.   I had no idea how much my family would enjoy a bit of crafting, but they really got into it, and had lots of fun with it!  Year after year, we gather ’round the table, after turkey dinner, and start to create our Thanksgiving Christmas craft.  In the past, we’ve made holiday banners, ornaments, gingerbread houses, cutout snowflakes, pomanders, etc.  I plan and select the craft, purchase the materials, and try to keep the chaos to a minimum (I WANTED THAT COLOR!  HURRY UP AND GIVE ME THE SCISSORS!  YOU’RE USING ALL THE PINS! :o)  All this, while Christmas music plays in the background and we sing-a-long loudly to Feliz Navidad, All I Want For Christmas is You and, our all-time favorite, Dominick the Donkey!

This year, little a helped me plan and we decided on Felt Christmas Trees.  Supplies included styrofoam cones, assorted felt colors, pretty ribbons and some sparkling little sequins.  We trimmed the felt using the Olfa wave blade (love it!) and we secured the decorations with some pretty head pins.

I was especially thrilled this year when my 16-year old twin nephews asked for their own trees, and I watched as they carefully created the two decorations that look like anything but trees!  I admired their creativity and I giggled as I watched these, um, “tough guys”, scan the table for that perfect piece of felt and join happily in our cherished tradition.

So, here, I present, the 2010 Thanksgiving Day creations.  Colorful.  Individual.  And crafted by my sometimes-zany, often-loud, but always loving, family.


Note:  I was busy with the cutting and assisting, so I didn’t get to make one.  HowEVER, little a did, and hers is #1 on the left!

“chingedy ching, hee-haw, hee-haw……..”

0 thoughts on “Annual Thanksgiving Christmas Craft

  1. Aunt Annie says:

    Annie & Alyssa..you never cease to amaze me….Your talents are unending and the love of family shines through….Aly was so excited to make your pumpkin cookies…they were a hit at Thanksgiving at the Duffy’s. I feel so proud of you…there aren’t enough words..

  2. lil Nancy says:

    As always, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving at your house and yes we love “craft time” with our favorite Miss Annie!…I have the trees displayed proudly in my home and the so called tough guys had a great time getting in touch with their “creative side”. Thanks for bringing out the Martha Stewart in all of us;)

  3. Lisa says:

    I too had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day at your home as usual. My boys displayed them in their bedrooms next to their Christmas trees. They LOVED them!!! Thanks for always making it fun. 🙂