The cookie baking blitz is on, so I decided to roll some dough and start with the cut-outs!  Since there’s a bit of winter in the air, and I’ve been wearing my new hand-knitted mittens (thank you, Teresa :), I thought merry mittens would be the perfect choice.

I used this No Fail Sugar Cookie Recipe, but I cut it in half.  Additionally, I reduced the baking powder to just one teaspoon (it should have been 1 1/2 teaspoons for half the recipe) because I didn’t want the cookies to be too puffy.  After they cooled, I brushed a very thin glaze of light corn syrup across the top, leaving the cuff part bare, and I immediately added the sugar and sprinkles.  The cuff is Royal Icing II from Allrecipes, and I piped it with a small star tip.

I will freeze these and hope they come out looking as good as the day they were baked…I’ll let you know!

Happy baking!


Note:  I really should have added a litttttle more confectioner’s sugar to the royal icing, and the lines would have been crisper.   Oh, well………..

0 thoughts on “Merry Mitten Cutout Cookies

  1. Teresa says:

    OMG!..take a couple of cookies out of the freezer, and put on a pot of coffee…I’m on my way over to be your post-freezer taste tester!

    PS I love the corn syrup tip.

  2. Rosemarie says:

    Loved your last posts. Thought that you might enjoy checking out these websites:,, Sally Melville has a number of knitting books and her website is awesome. If you go on Susan Guagliumi’s website and click on Publication and freeloads, she has a section titled fabulous funfelted beads that I believe that you might like. Linda at Crosby told me that you also do beads. I was telling her that my sister took a skirt patterning class last Sat. with designer Stephen King at Quilter’s Alley in Ridgefield. Then on Sunday we took a class in South Windsor with Sally Melville.

    • Ann says:

      Would you and your sister like a new sibling? Sounds like you guys have my kind of fun! Thanks for the links and for taking the time to share them. (I just love Sally Melville’s “kinky boot stocking” :o)

  3. Rosemarie says:

    Oops, I made a mistake with designer King’s first name. It was Kenneth and he has designed many of Elton John’s hats.

  4. Amanda Jellen says:

    These cookies are incredibly cute, Mrs. P.! Sending you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wishes 🙂 xo