For some, Valentine’s Day is a day of pinks and reds, chocolates and cakes, romance and candlelit dinners. But for others, it’s a day to rest, knowing that we have to be at Rite Aid very early the next morning to get the best pickins on the half-price candy. Binge-eating conversation hearts usually results in a pretty massive post-sugar-crash headache (err…so I’m told). So, this Day-After-Valentine’s Day, show these friends and loved ones you care, and make them therapeutic, scented,  heart-shaped eye-pillows.

Kept in the freezer, a pair of these little guys and a few Advil are perfect for soothing that headache, lightening those dark circles you get after staying up all night with a box-of-chocolates-induced stomachache, or reducing the swelling from that good cry you’ll have watching the Valentine’s episode of The Bachelor. Warmed up in the microwave, they can be used to alleviate sinus pressure, dry or itchy eyes, and the pressure and stress associated with being generally awesome all the time.

These are quick and easy to whip up.

First, download and print this template (click on the image):

Cut out four from any piece of black, 100% cotton fabric. Sew around two of them, with right-sides together, leaving a hole for turning and filling.

Turn the heart right-side out, and using a funnel, fill with a mixture of grains and aromatics. I’ve used flax seed as my grain (the shape and size is just perfect for how small these are), and a combination of lavender (for relaxation) and lemongrass (for a little pick-me-up), but you can use whatever you thinks smells nice. I used about 2 tablespoons of flax seed and 1 teaspoon each aromatic to fill one sachet. They should be about half-full so they are pliable enough to contour to the eye-well.

Stitch up the hole with a blind stitch, and you’re done!

Give them alone, or with a Sade CD and your friend’s favorite Stouffer’s Lean Cuisine entree for a special evening of relaxation and peaceful solitude.

Happy Day-After-Valentine’s Day, everybody!



0 thoughts on “My Cold Black Heart

  1. lil Nancy says:

    How adorable! know I’m a huge fan of hearts!!!…and thanks for putting the idea in my head…1/2 price candy!!!!…<3…should I get there when Rite Aid opens?…:)