No.  These are not cookies :0)  They are actually Valentine’s heart pins that I helped the children create as a cute little gift for their moms.

I purchased unfinished wooden hearts and applied a quick coat of platinum-colored spray paint, which took about 30 minutes to dry.

I bought these Self-stick Gems, made by Darice, which were so sparkly!  They were easy for the children to peel and apply to their wooden heart and, when they were done, I hot-glued one of these 1″ pins to the back:

That’s it!  Fairly easy for preschoolers and toddlers to handle, and inexpensive.

The kids were very excited and couldn’t wait to present their Valentine’s gift to their moms, and I was so excited to have created something that I did not have to eat.


Note:  All supplies, with the exception of the spray paint, were purchased at Michael’s.

0 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day – Kid’s Craft

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  2. Jen says:

    This is my FAVORITE gift from my Nicky Noodles! He loves making crafts with Miss Annie! I loved this pin so much that I copied the idea and made them for Mother’s Day with my second grade students. Nick and I are VERY LUCKY to have Miss Annie in our lives! We love her!

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