Linzer Cookies

Butter + sugar + flour + almonds + raspberry jam = delicious.  The little twist with these Linzer Cookies is that you add a tablespoon of freshly grated lemon zest, which gives them a tang and complements the sweet raspberry filling.

Making them is a bit labor intensive (actually, more than a bit), I admit, but cutout cookies always are.  How-Ever….these are crisp and delicious, and I think the “pretty” factor makes them worth the effort!

I’ll bring them along to dinner tonight at Beth and Tony’s, and when Beth (the original Martha Stewart) ooooohhh’s and aaaaahhh’s, I’ll just smile and say “oh….no big deal….they were easy”!



One thought on “Linzer Cookies

  1. I’ve always wanted to make these for Christmas cookie trays, but they seemed like a lot of work. Plus I didn’t have a good recipe. Thanks for passing one on! I’ll have to ‘test drive’ it soon.

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