The daycare kids are in love with the PBS show “The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That“, so it seemed like the perfect theme for our end-of-the-year party.  I found most of the party supplies at Birthday Express, and I had some luck with a display that I found at Michaels.  Instead of baking a cake, I opted for cupcakes made with  Funfetti cake mix, Rick’s special buttercream frosting, and some bright blue sugar.  The hat cut-outs came from Michael’s; I just glued them to popsicle sticks before inserting them into the cupcake.

As usual, the pinata was a great big hit!

I bought some Dr. Seuss foam stickers for the kids to decorate red foam visors…a very quick and easy party project!

And, each of the children had their very own “Cat in the Hat” tee shirt that I made using special transfer paper:

Wanna see something cute???  One of the moms made the most ADORABLE shirt for her little girl to wear to the party and, on the back…

“Miss Annie’s Restaurant” is a little game that I play with kids at mealtime to help them practice their good manners when eating out.  They giggle loudly as I refer to them as “sir” and “ma’am” when I take their food and beverage orders (not that they really have much of choice ;-), and “good customers” can count on a yummy side-order of mini-marshmallows as a reward for their kindness!!

The stormy weather may have prevented our outdoor activities, but we still had lots of fun!  Music, fun, and games (and a few slices of pizza), are all it takes to make lots of smiles!


“Don’t cry because it is over.  Smile because it happened.”  Dr. Seuss.

0 thoughts on “The Cat in the Hat – It’s Party Time!

  1. Kris San Lee says:

    What a fun party. Sammi refers to the twins as Thing One and Thing Two they have the PJ’s. Your little ones must of had a ball. Can not wait until your next post. Kris

    • Ann says:

      I have a very cute Thing One and Thing Two wall sticker that I have now reserved for your precious grandsons!!

  2. Jen says:

    Well yes Dr. Seuss is very wise with his crying smile blah blah blah BUT I am STILL crying that Nick and I will not see you every morning to start our days off in the fall!!!! I cannot thank you enough for the care and love you gave my son…..and me too! I will always treasure the recipes you shared with me from Miss Annie’s Restaurant!!! And I know Nick loved all the party days and just regular fun days with you! We LOVE YOU, Miss Annie!!!!!!

    • Ann says:

      Caring for Nick was a pleasure and a privilege. Thank you for allowing me to share in his precious childhood and thank you, sincerely, for the gift of your genuine friendship. I know we’ll stay in touch!! 😉

  3. kathy bonanno says:

    Hi Annie, It’s your cousin from Spring Hill, Fl!!!! I’ve been enjoying your site and have to tell you I’m a little jealous. I remember when we used to craft at your mom’s when our babies were really babies! I miss those times we spent together. When I saw your “Cat in the Hat” party I had to tell you that I just finished giving a “Seussland” baby shower for Paulie and Kristy. It was really so much fun. I made the Seuss characters from patterns I purchased on Ravely from Erin’s toy store. Made a bunch of tissue paper flowers in bright colors for the table centerpieces and had so much fun making fun desserts for the desert table. I did blue cotton candy in small bags, lorax tree donut holes, jelly bean bags, strawberry shooters (alcohol free of course) that looked like the cat in the hats hat! It was great. I wish I knew how to attach some pictures to this so you could see. Well just wanted to say hi and that I wish we would have had more time to spend together when you visited! Kathy

    • Ann says:

      I really miss those fun times too, Kathy. I know that if we lived nearby, we’d probably share an Etsy store!

      “Seussland” is such a GREAT theme for a baby shower, and I love your MANY creative touches (especially the blue cotton candy ;). I checked out Erin’s toy store on Ravelry and she has such cute patterns. I am so happy that you joined Ravelry and hope that you are enjoying all the free patterns and inspirational ideas. If you can find a way to share those pictures, I’d love to see them.

      I’m sure you are bursting with baby excitement, and I look forward to hearing the wonderful news. Thanks for taking the time to comment, and please keep in touch!

      • kathy bonanno says:

        I think I found a way for you to see some pics from the baby shower. Check me out on Ravelry……kbonanno……I have 1 project listed that has 3 photos attached to it.I had promised Erin from Erins toy store that I would send her pics after the shower so she could see her patterns as I completed them.
        love, Kathy

  4. Ann says:

    SO SO CUTE! You are amazing. That will be one very lucky little baby. Can’t wait to see the layette!