Tonight is our “Bayberry Babes” birthday girls night out but, as you can see, I did not bake the cake.  Instead, I made these high heel sugar cookies as a take-home favor for each of the gals.

I’m really getting into this cut-out-and-decorate sugar cookie thing…although, I’m not sure exactly WHY.  The baking and the cutting are no big deal.  I use this No Fail Sugar Cookie recipe every time…no problems.  For me, the trouble begins with the decorating.  Planning the design, making the royal icing and then trying to mix the right colors is such an ordeal!!  And then, there’s the mess.  I make a colossal mess.  Plastic bottles, pastry bags and tips, toothpicks with food color on them (which, by the way, seem to attach themselves to my clothes), spatulas, a spritz bottle and frosting-filled bowls everywhere.  Ugh.  It literally takes me hours (6 to be exact) to complete the process and then, I have to clean it all up.

But, somehow, as I become engrossed in my work, I’m lost in a carefree Neverland that consumes me and soothes my soul, and time passes oh so quickly.   As I peer at my creations, I am happy.  Really happy.  And the feeling of accomplishment helps me believe it was truly worth my effort.

I still have a long way to go regarding technique but, “practice makes perfect”, right??

Stay tuned!


BTW, I used the 1 lb. CK Royal Icing Mix, which sells for $8.91 at Amazon, but you can purchase at a cake/candy supply store for about $3.99!

0 thoughts on “Steppin’ Out – High Heel Sugar Cookies

  1. Carrie says:

    These are goregous!

    I am exactly the same way with both the huge mess and the “Neverland”… the actual decorating (once I get to that part) makes me so happy. Keep up the practice these look fabulous!

    • Ann says:

      It’s so nice to know that I’m in good company!! Thanks for the compliments…I’m looking forward to making another great big mess, very soon!!

  2. Carol says:

    Can you do a Teva flip-flop? That’s more my speed! 🙂

    Your talent just keeps going…and going…and going…

  3. Kris San Lee says:

    They are too beautiful to eat. You are a frosting artist. Jimmy Choo watch out!!