Last Sunday, little a and I spent a glorious day at the Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market in New Milford, Ct., celebrating the second anniversary of Big A, Little A!  This flea market is huge and chock-full of vendors with antiques, collectibles, plants, flowers, foods, etc., and last week it was totally bursting with shoppers.  A mad house, really, but oh so much fun!!

As I browse, I’m distracted by the endless objects that transport me back to my childhood and make me wish that I had saved everything.  (Sweet nostalgia.)  But, as I peruse the aisles, I pay closest attention to little handmade trinkets and sparkling crystal jewelry.  This year, I was thrilled to find two crocheted hot pads.  Here’s the first:

I just love the pattern, and I wish I could replicate it.  I can easily figure out the double-crochets, but that “bobble” down the middle is a bit perplexing.

This next one was crocheted in colors that I wouldn’t select for myself, but I thought I should pay homage to its creator and buy it anyway –

Sweet, huh?  Here’s the back:

Next, I found some of the coolest little vintage crochet books…this one is dated 1917!!

Take a look at some of the projects inside:  (did they really crochet little bowls for nuts??)

Check out these pretty bags!

I just loved these books on edgings for handkerchiefs:LOVE the pink one in the center (it’s S-22)!!

Am I REALLY going to make handkerchiefs?  Uhhhhh…..highly unlikely, but that didn’t stop me from buying this one, too:

Now, this is the best.  It is a book of knitted and crocheted ties, dated 1921.  I’m guessing that either men’s ties were not too easy to come by back then (or they were way too expensive), or some women just had a little too much time on their hands.  In any respect, I can only hope that the men for whom these ties were crafted showed their genuine appreciation by lavishing their ladies with diamonds.  (let’s just say that’s what my husband would have needed to do if he expected to sport one of these!)

If you’re feeling ambitious, this one is crocheted:

This one is knitted:

And there you have it…my purchases of the day.

Little a, however, scored big-time with one extraordinary purchase.  My initial reaction was, WHAT??, but I admit that I supported the purchase and helped lug it to the car while onlookers stared in confusion.  She has promised me that she will photograph it and share it with you, so I’ll say nothing more.

Nope.  Not a word!


0 thoughts on “Mother’s Day – Our 2nd Anniversary

  1. Annie DiDonato says:

    Annie, I treasure all my mother’s old handkerchiefs with crocheted trim..My grandmother crocheted trims around vintage fabrics, I still have a few…Love this wonderful journey you are taking with “Little A”..Love from All..Happy Anniversary!

    • Ann says:

      I, too, have a large collection of vintage hankies…some came from my grandmother…but I bought a rather large “lot” of them at the flea market a couple of years ago. (it was a sweet purchase)! I’m seriously considering crocheting one myself, but I have to find some pure white, rolled-edge hankies first.

      Thanks, as always, for your good wishes 😉

  2. Teresa says:

    Congratulations on two years of fun, inspiring blogs. You’re always my go-to site when I get a chance to play at the computer. I’m looking forward to a picture of your beloved sporting a new tie, you in new bling, and of course a picture of Little a’s mystery purchase.

    • Ann says:

      Oh…my “beloved” will be sporting a new tie alright…but I’m not sure if it will come from Macy’s or Marshalls!! Unfortunately, I didn’t score any bling at the flea market, but I’m hoping to score something shiny and sparkly on my birthday. I’ll keep you posted!

      Thanks, so much, for your ongoing support!

  3. Kris San Lee says:

    Great find with the books. I will keep my eye open for you. I just love looking at your blog to see what fun you have been up to. Kris