Why do I <3 NYC?

One of the (many) reasons: craft fairs and flea markets galore! And this year promises to be an exciting one. The economic down-turn may seem like a real bummer, but, for the world of the hand-made, it’s actually kind of awesome. Not only are more people with talent making things (thanks, high unemployment rate!), people are more interested in buying things made locally and by hand (thanks, go-green movement!). So this year the fairs will be bigger, the fleas will have better hand-made wares, and hopefully things will just go uphill for the craft community from here.

These are the ones I’m going to in the near future.

This weekend, June 6 & 7 I’ll be heading to McCarren Park in Williamsburg to visit an event so big, it gets a web banner: The Renegade Craft Fair

Some other weekend, I’ll check out the hipsters at McCarren Park at Artists & Fleas Outdoor Market in the Park. And I always like to go to the Artists & Fleas Indoor Market. Artists & Fleas continues to be a reliable source of Awesome. And I am all for Awesome.

And since sometimes I like to feel classy, I’m going to Lincoln Center next weekend, June 13 & 14, or the following weekend, June 20 & 21, for the Lincoln Center Craft Fair. This fair boasts free admission (do people really pay admission fees to go to craft fairs? really? is that a suburban thing? …Mom?) and, since it’s juried (by classy people), the vendors are high-class. They all have booths nicer than my apartment and things are expensive…

Last year, I splurged on a vase… spent way too much on it, but I just thought it was so pretty and I just had to have it… (this is where I curse my mother…) I didn’t realize it was an orchid vase, which, for a girl with a black-thumb like me, is basically useless… cuz there’s something I’ve learned about orchid vases – they don’t hold anything other than orchids… so here it sits, on top of my medicine chest, empty, next to the tin I bought on Mother’s Day, that I finally got the top off of, but don’t think I will ever get back on…orchidvase

I still think it’s pretty…


0 thoughts on “Summer of Craft

  1. Ann says:

    If your mom hadn’t taught you to be impulsive and sometimes spend “way too much” on something you love, that bathroom shelf might be pretty bare right now, Missy. How’s about a little gratitude??

    Love you, Mom

  2. Your favorite Aunt says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!! Soooooooo.why not place a silk orchid in the lovely expensive vase? Same effect, eh???
    Beautiful, Beautiful blankets big “A”…you never cease to amaze me 😉

    And little ‘a’……WOW! you are truly amazing!!!! Chip off the old block? Wish I had some input…….just keep repeating after me….d i a m o n d s…eventually it will have the same effect as ‘flea markets’!!!!
    Luv ya!!!!!
    Big ‘N’