My hairdresser of 10+ years is having her first child, and I am so very happy for her!  In fact, hers will be the third baby born this year to stylists at the salon.  The sex of the first two babies born was known to their parents, but my hairdresser decided to do it the “old-fashioned” way and be surprised.  Which I think is great, unless you’re the type who likes to knit baby stuff in pink or blue… me.

I had decided to knit a little baby blanket, but white, yellow and green just weren’t doing it for me.  Then came my next hair appointment, when my hairdresser confided to me that she’d had a sort of premonition that her baby was a girl!  This feeling was corroborated by a “dream” of her grandmother (who had passed on) in which grandma told of a girl.  Good enough for me!  Out came the pink yarn, and here’s what happened:


The pattern is called “Baby Afghan in 8 Hours“, by Plymouth Yarn Design Studio, P214.  It calls for 4 skeins of Plymouth “Encore” yarn and is worked holding two strands throughout on size US13 needles.  The finished measurement is approx. 29″ x 32″.

I delivered my gift the other day, and I included a note in which I promised to exchange this blanket for an identical blue one, in the unlikely event she “misread” Grandma’s message.  (I need lots of “think pink” wishes here folks.)

On another note, a very beautiful little girl, named Josie, was born a few months ago.  She is the cousin of a dear relative and, although I haven’t met this sweet dolly, after seeing many captivating photos of her, I was compelled to make this:


IMG_2148It was a fun and relatively easy project!  The book is titled Baby’s Choice crochet edgings for fleece: 6  designs” by Terry Kimbrough.  I purchased one yard of non-pill fleece and one skein of Serenity sport weight yarn from JoAnn’s fabrics.  You simply measure and pierce the edge of the fleece, crochet a base row, and pick a pretty edge!  LOTS of great fleece patterns and colorful yarns to choose from.

God bless you, baby Josie.  I hope we meet someday.


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  1. Lisa P. says:

    Ooooh….I love the fleece one! That is a sweet gift. The Big A and little a’s never seem to disappoint. Awesome job ladies! XOXO

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