The Sunshine and Liebster Awards

There are so many wonderful people out there in the blogging community, and it is my pleasure to accept these special awards from two fellow bloggers. First, the Sunshine Award, for “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”. This was awarded to me by Calvin at livingwithfibroblog.wordpress.com.  In accepting this award, it […]

The Good Neighbor Award

I am thrilled and delighted to have received this new award from my fellow bloggers!  It originated from Katherine, at Pillows a-la-mode, when she asked for nominations for bloggers that you might want to live next door to…to share a cup of tea with…someone who inspires you…. Well, I was totally shocked and surprised when […]

The Versatile Blogger and Beautiful Blogger Awards

I am excited, thrilled and honored to receive these two very special awards from fellow bloggers.  I received the first one, The Versatile Blogger, from Melissa at thehungryartist.  Her blog features inviting foods and desserts, and beautiful photographs.  Her Rich Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting is on my “will bake soon” list!  Thank you, so […]

Pillow Talk

I’m in a home-dec state of mind. The “blah” in my family room was bringing me down and, with spring everywhere, I needed to do something fast.  Armed with my treasured coupons, I headed to JoAnn’s  hoping to find a fabric solution.  The result: bright and colorful pillows that turned my blah into happy! These […]

St. Patrick’s Day Brownie Pops

These brownie pops are such an easy and fun way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!  You start out with a fudgy brownie mix.  (I know…I know.  Some of you shudder at the thought of using a prepared mix, but there are times…many times…that I find mixes to be perfectly fine.  And this is one of […]

Super Simple Italian – Pasta Piselli (pasta with peas)

Here’s the next recipe in my new series “Super Simple Italian”, a collection of first-dish pasta recipes inspired by the tasty meals that my mother-in-law served daily to her family. It is very easy to prepare and (if you like peas) it is simply delicious! Here are the main ingredients…and, of course, you’ll need plenty […]