The Good Neighbor Award

I am thrilled and delighted to have received this new award from my fellow bloggers!  It originated from Katherine, at Pillows a-la-mode, when she asked for nominations for bloggers that you might want to live next door to…to share a cup of tea with…someone who inspires you….

Well, I was totally shocked and surprised when I received a note from Katherine telling me that I was one of the recipients of this very special award.  Honestly, I never expected it, and it warmed my heart to think that there are folks who read my blog and would actually like to be my neighbor!

Sincere thanks to the person/persons who nominated me, and a special “thank you” to Katherine for initiating this award and for showing her readers, and fellow bloggers, the true meaning of what being a “good neighbor” is all about!


(Here’s hoping that my “real-life” neighbors feel this way about me ;-)

10 thoughts on “The Good Neighbor Award

  1. Congratulation! Well deserved! Going to buy some Libby’s pumpkin tomorrow as my mouth was watering as I read about them. Double yum!
    I too, would love to be your neighbor!

    • You will love love those pumpkin squares, Rita! And, although I wish you were my neighbor, I’m thankful for the privilege of calling you “friend” ;-)

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