This was the cutest pattern I’d seen in a long time.  And, lucky me, it was the last one in the file cabinet at JoAnn’s!  I love it when that happens…it makes me feel like I am really on to something, and “too bad, so sad” for the next person looking for that pattern.  (A little mean, I know, but c’mon… we all gloat sometimes :o)


I carefully plan the dozens of apron ornaments that I’ll make.  The Christmas tree will be overly adorned by them and I can hear the “ooohs and aaahs”of friends and relatives as I neatly attach one to each special gift.  I’ll use scraps of 30’s prints and finally make use of my collection of holiday fabrics.  I’d better get moving!

I chose “view A” for starters (the full-style apron with the ruffles around the arm) because it was very retro.  Since the pieces were pretty small, and I had many ornaments to make, I decided to be “clever” and cut two-at-a-time.  I couldn’t wait to get that machine humming and post these little beauties!



Big problem:  stitching the bias tape around the edge of the front.  Such trouble for me.  I am not a sewing newbie, by any means, but I could not get that tape to wrap neatly around those slender shoulder curves.  What should I do?  Rip out those tiny stitches (takes forever) and try again?  I bit my lip, said a few silent swears and, in an instant, the solution.

I’ll decorate my tree with festive glass balls and tie big fat jingle bells to all my special gifts!  Just like last year.


Important note:  I have been sewing since age 11 and have successfully used hundreds (?) of Simplicity patterns.  The directions are always clear, concise, and easy to follow, as was true of this pattern.  I’ve determined that I am in serious need of a remedial class in “attaching bias tape to tight curves”.