This post has less to do about this scrumptious yellow cake, and more to do about the newest addition to my bundt pan collection.  I am completely and totally in love with this Nordic Ware Heritage Bundt Pan:

IMG_5466It was love at first sight…however, I gazed at it with utmost caution.  Wouldn’t it be tough to get the cooked cake out of that pan with all its sharp little angles in tact????

IMG_5464Not at all!!!  At least not when you grease it excessively with Wilton’s Cake Release.  This stuff creates bundt-pan magic.  The cake popped right out, looking as pretty as the pan intended.


I have a standard recipe that I use when making cakes from a box mix*.  First, I’ve become a bit of Duncan Hines snob, as I find the taste and texture of these mixes to be better than the rest…just my personal opinion.  So, I start with any flavor mix, add 3 eggs, one cup of milk, one stick of melted butter and 1 – 2 teaspoons of any extract.  For this cake, I started with a yellow cake mix and, in addition to the eggs, milk and butter, I added 1 tsp. vanilla and 1 tsp. almond extract.

The chocolate glaze recipe, which is delicious and works every time, can be found here.

I apologize, in advance, to all my other tried-and-true bundt pans for the dust they will gather.


*Someday I will experiment with “scratch” cake recipes in my quest to become a good little cake-baker but, until then, it’s Duncan Hines for me.

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