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Strawberry Jam…(forever)

The strawberry-pickin’ season has well passed, but ripe, red strawberries are plentiful at the grocery store and, at $1.99 per pound, I just couldn’t resist!  After having so much fun making blueberry jam, I knew these berries were destined to be cooked and sealed tightly. Making homemade jam is a bit time consuming, but deliciously […]

Blueberry Jammin’

Last Friday was “Blueberry Picking Day”, and I left the farm with 7.5 lbs. of lucious, ripe, fragrant blueberries: 7.5 lbs. sure adds up quickly!   I was strolling around…picking…chatting with my friend, Carol…picking…and, before long, I’m lugging a huge pail of berries. I did have a plan, though.  This year, I would make blueberry […]