The strawberry-pickin’ season has well passed, but ripe, red strawberries are plentiful at the grocery store and, at $1.99 per pound, I just couldn’t resist!  After having so much fun making blueberry jam, I knew these berries were destined to be cooked and sealed tightly.

Making homemade jam is a bit time consuming, but deliciously worth the effort.  I was actually a bit more confident this time, and things in the kitchen were a lot less hectic.  The recipe is pretty basic…crushed berries, sugar and pectin.

I’ve really been bitten by this canning bug, and now all I can think about are ripe peaches.

I’d better hurry, though, because peach-pickin’ peaks in August.  (try saying that three times fast)


0 thoughts on “Strawberry Jam…(forever)

  1. Teresa says:

    STRAWBERRY jam?! I WOULD eat it in a car…I would eat it here and there, I would eat it anywhere….I’m thinkin’ your kitchen in September…