Christmas Cookies – Snowflake Cutouts II

The truth?  These cookies are lots of work, but they are totally worth the effort!!  For me, it was a two-day event.  I cut and baked the cookies on one day, and frosted and decorated them the next.

I used the No Fail Sugar Cookie recipe (minus one teaspoon of baking powder) and my favorite Toba Garrett glace icing.  For the piping, I used CK Royal Icing mix, instead of mixing up my own, and I tinted it the lightest shade of blue.

I am sooooooo glad these are done!  There are lots more Christmas cookies to come….soon!  For now, I’ll pop these snowflakes into the freezer and, hopefully, they’ll look good as new!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…..


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