“Time to Make the Donuts”

I’m not exactly sure where this “gotta make donuts” thing came from but, between reading other blogs and Pinterest, I found myself obsessed with the need to find a donut pan and crank out donuts of my very own.

First things first…buy the pan.  Amazon had them, but I found this Norpro at Marshall’s for 9.99:

Up next, find a recipe.  This one for Baked Vanilla Donuts looked like a winner:

I followed the recipe closely, and the only changes I made were the additions of 1 tsp. of strawberry extract and little pink food color to the icing:

Now, let’s talk about taste.  They are actually pretty good…a cross somewhere between a donut and a cupcake, and they’ll definitely satisfy your sweet tooth!

They do not, however, compete with those luscious, and lightly crispy, deep-fried Dunkin’ Donuts or Krispy Kreme’s.  (nuh, uh; not even close)  Since that is the donut taste I’m going for, I think I may make them again…the old-fashioned way…using my rolling pin, a donut cutter, and some sizzlin’ hot oil.

One more reason to go to the gym.


4 thoughts on ““Time to Make the Donuts”

  1. HI Annie,

    Hope all is well !!!! Time to make the donuts is a very old Dunkin Donut commercial. These look beautiful. Have a good day. Kris

    • That’s why I put in quotes, Kris. Brings back memories of that chubby little curmudgeon who did the commercial…I can still hear his voice ;-)

      Hope you’re enjoying the summer, and those donuts are here if you’re up for a quick cup of coffee!! Take care – Ann

  2. I, too, remember that chubby little curmudgeon and his nightly chant “time to make the donuts”, and since the closest DD is over 400 miles away, have tried the baked donuts route. If it were not for the shape, I’d think I was eating a cupcake. (And my hips will testify, I’ve tried more than a few recipes.) My fingers are itching to press “send” for a deep fryer…

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