Carnation Celebration

Today is my birthday!  I celebrated with friends last week and ate a delicious homemade cake.  But today is my birthday….. and that cake is long gone….. so I had no other choice than to bake me a cake.


Cake decorating was one of last year’s obsessions.  The community college was offering a course that was taught by a local baker, and  I couldn’t resist the urge to learn how to pipe roses.  I took the $130 course, bought the Wilton master 56-piece tip set, and watched how easy it was on YouTube.  So why, then, do my roses look more like wild carnations and less like American Beauties?  I have tried many frosting recipes and have gotten the best reviews for this one: Buttercream Icing.  Kudos if you can make roses like those on this website.


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