I always have an end-of-the-year party for the children that I care for, and I try to make it a truly special event.  This year’s theme was “Rock Star” and, thanks to Oriental Trading, we had the coolest accessories!  The catalog pages were filled with headbands, blow-up guitars & microphones, Mohawk wigs, little Rock Duckies…the works!  But, no cake.

I was buying balloons at my local party shop and, there, down the Wilton aisle, was a guitar cake pan.  I had never decorated cakes baked in these pre-formed pans but, hey, it was a guitar.  The result:

IMG_2595 It took one fun-fetti cake mix (yum) and I decorated it with my favorite buttercream icing.

My piped roses may look like wild carnations, but I’ve got this “star thing” nailed!  Next, I’ll work on making straight lines.


0 thoughts on “Hey now, you’re a Rockstar

    • Ann says:

      I love your acoustic version!! I had great difficulty trying to follow the directions for the electric guitar….took me several hours! I covered a rectangular cake board with decorative foil and placed the cake on that. The kids loved it!

      Love the Casa Dwyer photos! Thanks for visiting the blog, and thanks for the great comments!

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