My favorite fruit:  banana.  My favorite candy:  banana Laffy Taffy (true).  My favorite ice cream:  Chunky Monkey.  My favorite quick bread? Whenever I see a golden bunch ripening in the fruit basket,  I’m thinking banana bread.  The yummy aroma that fills the kitchen while it’s baking is heavenly, and I think it tastes great with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  And its perfect with a 3 p.m. pick-me-up cup of coffee.  And it’s especially delicious with a small glass of ice cold milk before bedtime.  Really, there is no bad time to eat banana bread.

The Better Homes and Gardens Banana Bread recipe happens to be my favorite.  It has an optional streusel topping that isn’t optional for me at all.  I know I have the tendency to “gild the lily”,  but I can’t imagine this banana bread without the sweet and crunchy, nutty topping.

I do wrap it in plastic wrap while it’s warm and let it set a few hours, but there’s no way I can let it set a day before I slice it.  Life’s too short.

COOKS NOTE:  The recipe calls for 5 medium bananas.  I used 3 medium-to-large bananas, and they mashed to be about 1 1/2 cups.


0 thoughts on “Banana Bread Bliss

  1. jackie says:


    When making this bread did you use oil or melted butter. Also, did you toast the walnuts for this bread recipe. Did you up the spices in this recipe, it seems such a small amount for this type of bread.

    • Ann says:

      I used melted butter in this recipe and I did lightly toast the walnuts (for the bread and for the streusel topping). As for the spices, I followed the recommended amounts and they seemed just right. Hope this helps, and good luck!