There was lots of internet hoopla about the unveiling of Cricut’s newest machine, Cricut Cake.  It was introduced as a “Today’s Special” on HSN a few weeks ago, and my friend, Teresa, ordered it.  I was very tempted to get one of my own, but Teresa offered me the opportunity to “play” with hers and we both anxiously awaited the delivery of this incredible machine, believing that our confections would soon rival those on Ace of Cakes!

It’s a beautiful machine, really, and it’s relatively easy to operate.  If you are familiar with the Cricut Expression machines, you’d have no problem operating the Cricut Cake…that is until you insert the gum paste or frosting sheets and actually press “cut”.  This is where Teresa and I ran into more than a speck of trouble.

We tinted some Wilton pre-made gum paste and rolled it thinly onto the Cricut Cake mat, as instructed.  We inserted the mat, selected the images, and fixed our eyes on the tiny blade as it sliced through the gum paste.  A few times, all went well, but many times the gum paste got tangled onto the blade and made a mess.  We tried to re-roll the scraps, but the gum paste was dry in spots, and had an uneven look.  So, we decided to try the frosting sheets that were included in the “Today’s Special” and, not only did we periodically encounter the tangled mess, the blade did not always cut completely through the image.  Ugh.

After several hours, here’s our best effort:

The letters, flowers and bird were cut from gum paste; the scrolls were cut from the Cricut frosting sheets.

Overall, I think this machine has wonderful potential.  (After all, the HSN demonstrations made extraordinary cake and cookie decorating look sinfully easy!!)  As with just about any new “tool”, you’ll need to practice for greatest success.  In fact, you’ll probably need lots of practice..and plenty of patience too.

For now, I am content to watch Teresa perfect the process, and await an invitation for another “play” date!

Chef Duff…you have nothing to fear.  Yet.


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  1. Lauren says:

    You should try freezing the gum paste for about 20 minutes. It makes a world of difference in the way it performs.