There was a damp chill in the air, the winds were whipping, and sand was flying everywhere, but that didn’t stop little a and I from celebrating the first anniversary of our “Big A, Little A” kick-off one year ago!  We braved the elements and headed, at the crack of dawn, to the place of our first source of inspiration, The Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market.

Up one aisle, and down the next, we kept our eyes peeled for vintage textiles, pretty little handkerchiefs and linens, pyrex, and… little a was on a mission to find a print of The Last Supper that she could hang in her funky kitchen (don’t ask).  Anyway, we were not too impressed with the vendors and their wares but, as we headed down the very last aisle, just before heading back to the parking lot, we spotted this…

It was a stunning, full-size, Cathedral Windows quilt, folded into a small rectangle and sitting atop an old metal table.  As we embraced and examined it, we could see that it was in excellent condition, and, based on the prints, we guessed it was made in the 1960’s.  We marveled at all the teeny tiny hand-stitches that held the colorful fabrics in their muslin windows and imagined how many long months/years it must have taken to complete, knowing full well that Olfa mats, rulers and rotary cutters did not exist back then.  I decided to honor this quilter’s extraordinary accomplishment and make this my “purchase of the day”!

In fact, we were so smitten with this quilt, we promised to collaborate and make one of our own.  I committed to locating the pattern and/or instructions so that we could get started and make it happen.  After some preliminary research, however, I began wondering if we should just collect Cathedral windows quilts and pay homage to the enormously patient quilters who’ve devoted countless hours to producing these lovely works of art, and maybe collaborate on a far less tedious project!  (Unless, of course, little a expresses a burning desire to play “carpal tunnel Russian roulette” and hold me to my promise.)

Overall, we spent a fabulous day together, and it was a perfect 1st anniversary celebration!  We continue to look forward to sharing our unique perspectives and creative spirits with you, and we thank you, wholeheartedly, for making us feel that our efforts are truly worthwhile.


0 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2010: Our First “Aa”-nniversary

  1. Teresa says:

    Aw c’mon…you have the whole summer off to sit by the pool and stitch. You had nothing else planned, right? And think of the dent you could make in your 30’s prints…

  2. Rita Ostrander says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! I LOVE this Blog!!! Keep up the great work. I am amazed at waht you turn out and especially love trying all the delicious recipes! Thank YoU!!!

  3. E says:

    Big A and Little A,

    You are both AWESOME. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary. Kudos to you both. Can’t wait to see what year 2 has in store for all your avid readers.

  4. nkitkat says:

    Hi Ann,
    Lucky you to have found such a nice piece ! I didn’t get from your post if you were still looking for instructions on “how to ” I’ve got a little tutorial on my blog if it can be of interest. Have a nice day 🙂

  5. Ann says:

    Thanks so much for leading us to your great tutorial! Of those that I’ve researched, yours is the only one that motivates me to get cutting! I’m certainly inspired to try a few blocks and hope to share them soon. (love your blog, too!!)

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