I was recently invited by a dear friend to spend the weekend at her summer cottage in the shoreline town of Old Saybrook, CT.  There were four of us there to share the sunny private beach, local outlet shopping, a great girl’s night DVD (It’s Complicated), and way too many laughs!

I brought along Ina Garten’s Blueberry Crumb Cake,

and everyone was glad I did!  This coffee cake is great for breakfast, brunch or dessert.  The added sour cream makes it especially moist and the lemon zest adds a hint of lemon that is not too overpowering.  The streusal is the crowning glory and it’s the perfect combination of  slightly crunchy and sweet.  It was easy to make and the finished product was very bakery-like (I love it when that happens)!  I used some of the frozen blueberries that I had picked late last summer, and they were perfect!

Thank you, Holly, for your gracious hospitality and your caring and giving nature.  I was a bit overdone by the sun, but my soul was re-energized and I enjoyed every relaxing, fun-filled minute!!


0 thoughts on “Blueberry Crumb Cake at the shore

  1. lisa says:

    The photo looked so good that I have one in the oven right now!….still using the blueberries we picked when I became your human shield against the snake.