I’d always rather knit than crochet.  Or so I thought.  And then I found a group on Ravelry (if you’re not a member, you really need to join!) called “We love Lucy”, which totally inspired me to pick up that crochet hook and revisit my granny square days of the 70’s.  Lucy, as it turns out, has a blog called Attic24 and she offers a large variety of crochet projects that, to be perfectly honest, just make me happy when I look at them!  I absolutely love her granny designs, her vivid color schemes and the sweet way she tucks and stores her yarns in baskets.

I used Vanna’s Choice Yarn from Lion Brand, which I wish I could say was part of my gynormous stash.  Nooooooo, no.  I, of course, had to buy more yarn.  (I really think I need a support group for people who love yarn and do not have one ounce of self-control).  Anyway, here’s my version of the Granny Stripe blanket.  I finished the edge with reverse single crochet, which gave it a neat little rope-like appearance.

Since I now have a 33-gallon size bag filled with Vanna’s yarn (sorry, Lucy.  A basket just wouldn’t do it.), I’m thinking about the Sweet Flower Grannies blanket as my next crochet adventure.  I’m also thinking that an obsession with the granny square is a little bit better for me than my obsession with rice pudding.

Just a teeny weeny little bit better.


0 thoughts on “Baby Granny Stripes

  1. DJ says:

    Is there a written pattern for making the Baby Granny Square blanket?
    If you find that support group for yarn lovers with no self-control, let me know!😄