Really, I can take-or-leave oatmeal cookies, and they are not the first cookie to come to mind when I have time to bake.  Until now.

The recipe for these cookies comes from the book BAKED – New Frontiers in Baking, by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito.  I have wanted to own this book since it was first published, and I have absolutely no idea why I denied myself the pleasure for so long (a rare show of self-restraint).  So, when their newest book, BAKED Explorations – Classic American Desserts Reinvented, appeared recently (and little a made their yummy mini pumpkin whoopie pies), I treated myself to both…and I am so so glad I did.  The books are beautiful and bursting with gorgeous photos and seemingly-endless pages of enticing recipes.  The authors include clear instructions, helpful notes and explanations, and entertaining little stories.  To be honest, I’d love nothing more than to do my own “Julie/Julia” thing and bake my way through each and every recipe…that’s how inspiring these books are to me!

Oatmeal Cherry Nut Cookies include dried cherries, instead of raisins, dark brown sugar, and lightly toasted walnuts, and they are totally delicious.  Wish I could share the recipe, but the books are worth every penny!

Self-restraint is overrated :o)


0 thoughts on “BAKED – Oatmeal Cherry Nut Cookies

  1. Teresa says:

    The cookies look so good, and I do have dried cherries in my “serious baker” pantry, but I’m still trying finish up leftover Christmas cookies, so I’m practicing rare self restraint with the wish that you save a cookie for me to try.

  2. Rita says:

    My favorite “go to ” cookie by far!I. Are they soft and chewy? If so ,I’ll need to buy that book too!They look scrumptious.My idea of the perfect breakfast!. Thank you A…Love this blog!

    • Ann says:

      They are somewhat soft and chewy. I have some in the freezer (with your name on them) for you to try for yourself! See you soon :o)

  3. Carol says:

    We were in Brooklyn last Sunday and visited their bakery. Best whoopie pie I have ever eaten in my life! I also picked up a copy of ‘BAKED Explorations’, and Emily and I are excited to start baking our way through the book – Chocolate Nutella scones are on today’s list! Love your blog!

    • Ann says:

      I am soooooo jealous that you went to BAKED. It is definitely on my bucket list 😉 Don’t you just love the book? Let me know what you think of the Nutella scones. Nutella + ANYTHING = scrumptious!

      • Carol says:

        I made the Nutella scones yesterday. They are AMAZING!!! Nice and tender, not dry like scones usually are. They’re perfect for after-dinner dessert as well as for a morning treat. And who knew warm Nutella on a spoon could be so delicious? I hid the remainder of the jar from Emily – hopefully I forget where it is as well!