Michael is my dear, sweet 7-year old nephew who has a smile that lights a room, and who received his first holy communion on Saturday.  He was oh so handsome and oh so happy as he journeyed down the long church aisle with his fellow communicants…each little girl glowing in her stunning white dress, and the other little boys in their suits and ties, looking equally proud and handsome.

What did we do after the ceremony?  We had a party, of course!

I told Michael that I would bake his favorite cupcakes, and he requested chocolate….no sprinkles.  (No sprinkles???…really, Michael???… but the sprinkles are the best part!!!)  So, I decided to top each cupcake with a rose…and maybe just a few white sprinkles for effect.  (he never noticed!)

I used Betty Crocker’s chocolate fudge cake mix and, once again, Rick’s Special Buttercream frosting.  This time, though, instead of 2 tsp. vanilla, I added 1 tsp. vanilla and substituted 1 tsp. pure almond extract for the other.  Moist and totally delicious!

May God bless Michael and all those adorable children as they embark on their new spiritual journey.  It was a beautiful ceremony and a joyous day.


0 thoughts on “First Communion Cupcakes for Michael

  1. Lisa says:

    They were absolutely beautiful and of course delicious! Michael was so happy Aunt Antoinette made these for his special day and was very happy to read this. Thankyou again Aunt Antoinette….we love you!!! XOXOXOXO

  2. Aunt Nancy says:

    Thanks soooooo much, Aunt Antoinette! A special ‘Thank You’ for always making our special occasion so ‘special’ as we always look forward to your wonderful and creative deserts.
    You really make us all feel ‘special’!!!!!!
    Love you!
    Me . .