Last summer, when we vacationed in gorgeous Nova Scotia, I visited a local yarn shop, met the lovely owner, and purchased this beautiful yarn as part of a kit.  I tried desperately to knit the shawl for which this yarn was intended but, no can do.

After several failed attempts and more than a bit of frustration, I decided to look for a new pattern, and I found this shawlette on Ravelry.  The name is Citron, designed by Hillary Smith Callis, and it’s available free to Ravelry members.  Since the yarn was a lace weight and I was using #4 circular needles, it was definitely tedious at times.  It measures 34″ from end-to-end, and the height at the center is 14″. I am thrilled with the results, but I am oh SO glad to have this project behind me.

I look forward to wearing it around my shoulders when that winter chill comes to call but, after last winter, I refuse to even think about a cool breeze……much less a winter chill.  So, I will wrap this little shawl neatly, place it in a small box, and shove it in the back of a closet……..way back…….and I won’t give it another thought…..until……….

Let the sun shine!


0 thoughts on “Sweet Knitted Shawlette

  1. Rosemarie says:

    I recognized your shawlette immediately. I have the pattern and even have yarn waiting to be knitted into the very same shawlette. There’s a new, extremely lovely shawlette in the Fall 2011 Knitscene magazine. It’s called the Live Oak Shawlette. If you haven’t heard yet, Vogue Knitting Live is coming back to New York the weekend of Martin Luther King’s Birthday in January. I went to my bi-annual visit today with my oncologist and one of the women working at his office was so excited when she
    saw that I was knitting. I’m presently working on a ruana with handpainted, soft, alpaca merino from Sweaterkits in Canada which I purchased last year at Vogue Knitting Live.

    • Ann says:

      Hi Rosemarie!
      I’m definitely going to pick up a copy of Fall 2011 Knitscene and check out the Live Oak Shawlette. I hadn’t heard about Vogue Knitting Live returning to NY, but it’s certainly an event I’ll consider.

      I’d love to see your ruana. Let me know your Ravelry ID so I can check it out when you’re done.

      Thanks for the comment! Ann

  2. Teresa says:

    You’ve inspired me!
    After hanging on to this pattern for way too long, I realize I need to make it. I’m more of a “can’t get warm enough” than an accessory girl, and have much less patience than you, so I’m on a search for warmer yarn and bigger needles. Your contrast ruffle is a great touch so I’ll incorporate that, too. Hope I finish before the first frost!

    • Ann says:

      Thanks, Teresa, but I’m not sure about that “patience” thing. (remember: I’ve seen you hand-quilt queen-sized quilts!) Can’t wait to see your “warmer” version of Citron. Do we need a trip to WEBS?????