I can’t help myself.  Whenever there is a celebration and some baking to be done, I’m raising my hand, shouting “I’ll do it! I’ll do it!!”.  And Jill’s bridal shower gave me the perfect opportunity to use my Wilton’s Giant Cupcake pan to create a pretty centerpiece for the dessert table.  The table had a beautiful display of regular-sized cupcakes and two “Party-Perfect” cookie trays (which I’ll be sharing very soon!).

But for now, let’s talk about this cupcake.  The white cake was a Cake Doctor recipe called “Bride’s Cake”.  If you don’t have the book*, you might want to put it on your wish list.  It provides some great ideas to enhance the flavors and textures of boxed cake mixes.  Or, there a lots of on-line recipes, too.  The filling is Raspberry Cake and Pastry filling by Solo, which you can find in the grocery store.  I used Rick’s Special Buttercream frosting for all decorating, except the flowers.  I hang my head and confess that I did not make the flowers (the leaves, yes!).  I purchased the royal icing roses and violets at my favorite-new-place-to-shop-can’t-get-enough-of-it Ladybug Cake and Candy, along with the silver dragees…which I really don’t care if they’re edible or not…they look pretty.

Showers of happiness, Jill 😉


*The book is the original The Cake Mix Doctor.

0 thoughts on “Jill’s Big Cupcake

  1. Teresa says:

    Love the giant cupcake, love the frosting stippling, and love Ladybug Cake and Candy! Looking forward to the Party-Perfect cookie trays!