Irene has made a crazy person of me.  Three straight days of hurricane-doom-and-gloom has turned me into a potential contestant for “Survivor”.  My list?

  • Buy gallons of drinking water.  Check.
  • Canned foods, peanut butter and loads of non-perishables.  Check
  • Oil lamps, candles and matches.  Check.
  • Gas up my car.  Check.
  • Haunt my kids in an effort to put the fear of God into them until they no longer answer my calls.  Check.
  • Buy new flashlights and batteries.  Nope.  None left.  Clearly, there are people crazier than I.

So.  What else can I do for my family before we’re forced to take refuge in the basement?  I know.  I’ll make corn muffins.  Because we all know that when the going gets tough, the tough eat corn muffins.

I found the recipe for these Honey Cornbread Muffins  at foodnetwork.  They were so quick and easy that they may have cured me of my Jiffy habit.  Very moist and delicately sweet!  I eliminated the cupcake wrappers because I like the golden outside crust that forms when the mix goes directly into the pan.

If you don’t have time today, consider baking a batch for the next dreadful forecast.  Or, practice your survivor skills by baking ahead and freezing.  When you’re hanging out in the basement, you’ll be glad you did!


Hoping you all stay safe and secure!

0 thoughts on “Hurricane Corn Muffins

  1. Jen says:

    Well if they didn’t close the roads in Woodbury, Nick and I would be there for those delicious muffins! Hope you all are safe! <3 Jen

    • Ann says:

      Our roads were quite passable, howEVER, we had no power for 3 days…ugh. I never would have made it as a pioneer, and I will forever worship Thomas Edison.

  2. Kris San Lee says:

    Just love reading your blog. What a great muffin tray. That is a oldie but goodie. I am printing out your receipe for muffins and cream puffs. Talk soon.

    • Ann says:

      Looking forward to a visit soon, Kris. I’ll be in touch! (maybe I’ll bake us a batch of these corn muffins 😉